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Shelly Roark rocks!!!! We sold our house of 17 years and were building a new house. We thought we would just use our Home Builder's Mortgage Company seemed easy enough. Our R/E Agent told us about Shelly and said she was awesome if we need another option. So thought we would just apply with both. Shelly promptly called me back and I knew after speaking to her on the phone the very first day, she was the one I wanted to work with. So helpful & knowledgeable, took all of my information and promptly sent off a Pre-approval letter to our homebuilder. It was a very stressful time, selling a home, moving to a temporary home, building a new one all in just a few short months…Everytime I spoke to Shelly, she was upbeat and constantly empathizing with me and re-assuring me that it all would be great! And it was! Totally easy! It's always exciting to get to the closing when buying a new home, but I was equally excited to get to closing to finally meet Shelly face to face. I don't plan to buy another home but I CAN'T wait until a friend or family member has a mortgage need so that I can send them her way!

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