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Shelly Roark is a miracle worker and an amazing advocate for her clients. I not only used her for my own refinance, but I work for a major builder in Austin and every time my in house mortgage company cannot qualify one of my home buyers, Shelly her team come through for me and my clients. My refi was not a smooth process, but that was not Shelly's fault. The problem created by a since fired underwriter was worked on diligently by Shelly and she not only solved the problem but fought for me in the process. In fact, she fought so well that I ended up benefitting from the inconvenience of the delay. (Incompetency is not tolerated by Shelly or her team!) Shelly is also extremely patient with someone like me who is anything but! I emailed and/or texted her on a daily basis bugging her about my loan status and she always handled me with respect and understanding. She's not just a great loan officer; she's the type of woman you want as your girlfriend. :-

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